• About Yanni, Masters in Counseling Psychotherapy with a concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy

    I have a Masters in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in Somatic Psychotherapy.

    I began my journey ten years ago, using dance and psychology to better understand my own body and to discover the ways in which I thrive! Together, we can discover your unique path, and what thriving means to you.

    Somatic Self-Awareness Coaching is developing a healthy relationship with your body and developing awareness of where and how you hold feelings within your body. We take a look at ways your mind and body work together, and at ways, there might be a disconnect. This expanded self-awareness can provide you more tools to deal with being a human being.

    Practicing through the auspices of Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center, a nonprofit organization providing affordable psychotherapy to children, teens, adults, couples, families and groups throughout San Francisco, the East Bay and Contra Costa County.

    Supervised by Jessica Wallace #43927